Atoms Basketball Club is a community-based organization not run for profit & based in Melbourne, Australia. Established 1996.


Fill in the following form and click submit to apply to be a coach with Atoms, and the committee will respond asap.

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Working With Children Cards can be applied for at the Post Office. The number on the top right corner of the form can be supplied below after application for WWC is made.
If you are under 18 then a WWC is not required, just put 'Under 18' for the WWC number and the date you turn 18 for the expiry. If you have not yet applied just put "pending".
WWC Number/'Under 18':
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Under 18 Parent Email: If you are under 18 this is required, unless it is the same as your email

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I hereby apply for a position with the Atoms Basketball Club and agree to comply with the Club's policies practices and procedures.

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Atoms is a member of the Camberwell Dragons Basketball Association, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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