Atoms Basketball Club is a community-based organization not run for profit & based in Melbourne, Australia. Established 1996.


Fill in the form below and send us your details, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

As a Member of The Atoms Basketball Club and The Camberwell Basketball Association, you agree to abide by the CCBL Competition Rules, Policies and Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct.


For a team to be eligible for any specified age group,
ALL players in the team must be under the required age as shown below.


You are applying to join the currently playing 2022 Winter season.

U9    Players born between 31 Dec 2015 and 31 Dec 2012
U11    Players born between 31 Dec 2012 and 31 Dec 2010
U13    Players born between 31 Dec 2010 and 31 Dec 2008
U15    Players born between 31 Dec 2008 and 31 Dec 2006
U17    Players born between 31 Dec 2006 and 31 Dec 2004
U19    Players born between 31 Dec 2004 and 31 Dec 2002
U21    Players born between 31 Dec 2002 and 31 Dec 1998

Open Players who turn 16 during 2022 or who are already 16 or older
Players may join a team they are too young for with permission of the committee.

If you have any difficulty with this form use the appropriate email address to indicate your interest.

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(Cut off date: 30 May 2022)


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I consent to the treatments ticked below:

1. administer basic first aid treatment to my/our child in the event of illness or injury during the course of any training session, basketball game or other activity associated with the Club (including travelling to or from such activity);

2. call an ambulance in the event of illness or injury if necessary to do so during the course of any training session, basketball game, or other activity associated with the Club;

3. permit my/our child to be given a general anaesthetic and to be operated on in the case of a medical emergency if such treatment is considered necessary by a duly qualified medical practitioner during any period my/our child may be participating in any activity associated with the Club (such permission being given on the proviso that every effort will be made to contact me/us personally before any decision is taken to anaesthetise and operate).


If you want to join a particular team, please enter the team or manager's name.


I have read the CCBL “Competition Rules and Policies”. *


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The above information is provided in confidence to assist the relevant coach, team managers or committee members of the Club and will not be disclosed to any person other than a medical practitioner or paramedic who is consulted to treat your child.

In relation to steps taken in accordance with the above authority, I/we, on my/our own behalf and on behalf of my/our child, agree not to make any claim or bring any legal claim against the Club, its committee, coaches, team managers and other parents or persons who are requested to assist in acting in accordance with the above authority.

By clicking the SEND APPLICATION button, you agree that all information provided on this form regarding my/our child is true and accurate.

Atoms is a member of the Camberwell Dragons Basketball Association, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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