Atoms Basketball Club is a community-based organization not run for profit & based in Melbourne, Australia. Established 1996.


Atoms Awards - MVP and WELLARD

Most Valuable Player and Coach's Award.

Coaches/Team Managers:

You can download an Excel spreadsheet to help keep track of points for the awards here:
Excel 2003

THE ATOMS BASKETBALL CLUB Offer two awards to each team - a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and a Coach's Award. These awards will be in addition to the normal participation award.

These awards will provide an added incentive to the players to give their best each week.

The MVP will be awarded to the player who has been the best and fairest player throughout the season for the team. Each week the team manager in consultation with the coach will award points to the best and fairest on court and keep a record of these points for the season. At the end of the season the player with the most points will win.

We recommend the following process - award 3 points for the best, 2 for the 2nd best and 1 for the 3rd best (like the Brownlow Medal).

We recommend that you to use the MVP Voting tab in the Managers section of the website for tracking your MVP votes.

The judging for the MVP will commence at the beginning of each season and will not include finals games.

The second award will be the Coach's award for encouragement, to be named the Wellard (After Brenda). This is an award that will be judged by the coach and may be given for a variety of reasons, e.g to the player who has tried the hardest, or who has improved the most over the season, or who has been the best team member or has listened to the coach better than anyone else. This is to be a different player to the winner of the MVP. There is no need to give points each week for this award.

The encouragement awards are to be named the Wellards in honour of the founder of our club. This is in recognition of the tremendous job Brenda did over many years organizing Atoms Basketball Club and the wonderful opportunity her hard work gave to our children. Thank you Brenda!

Atoms is a member of the Camberwell Dragons Basketball Association, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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